Thank you for delivering two engaging, high impact customized leadership training programs to our San Diego management group. Your half day “Train the Trainer” and full day “Excellence in Leadership” programs were powerful educational experiences presented in a fun, interactive and results focused style. It was obvious you did your homework about our organization and understood our needs because you resonated deeply with our leadership. You are an inspiring, energetic speaker and deliver great content!

Danette Roberts, Assistant Medical Group Administrator, Kaiser Permanente

Thank you for providing informative leadership training. I really like how you customized the training to fit the specific needs of our supervisors and within the guidelines of our state agency. With your expertise in leadership and management, you were able to teach the skills in such a positive way that it was easily received and understood. You also made it fun and interactive. When I initially booked you as our leadership trainer, my boss was quite skeptical as you were from an outside source and not from within our Department. My boss was so ecstatic with all the positive responses he received directly from the supervisors. Thank you for making me look good! There’s no question that I would recommend you as an expert and respected trainer to any professional industry.

Sherryl Santos-Milnes, Staff Services Analyst, California Highway Patrol

Melanie is the epitome of professional and embodies Powerful Transformations. Her presence grabs your attention and begs you to listen because you want to hear what she has to say. Her “Emotional Intelligence Training” program has changed the way our recruiters conquer their day and build relationships. We’re already seeing a positive culture shift towards improved collaboration, effective rapport building, and enhanced communication which leads to increased productivity and higher levels of performance. I highly recommend Melanie for your team and organization- she’s a game changer! Her personalized training is second to none and I received only positive feedback from my firm. We can’t wait to invite her back to continue our path towards success, success, and more success!

Alex Gombos, Manager of Training and Development, The Newport Group

“As our business continues to grow, we believed it was important to learn about what our employees want and need to be happy going to work. We brought in Melanie to get to know them, learn what they like and don’t like about their jobs, and how we can all become a stronger team. She did an excellent job. Before the weekend retreat, Melanie got to know the personalities, the firm atmosphere, identify our strengths and areas that may need strategic improvement. She was well prepared. We had a very productive retreat. Everyone was brought closer, appreciated each other and are working together as ‘one’ more than before. Melanie’s leadership, intuition, foresight, and strategic planning have tremendously helped our teambuilding efforts. She helped deliver a uniform message during her motivational program to our employees as to what our brand stands for and why it is a symbol of unity. We plan to continue using her services to keep the momentum flowing.”

Ilona Antonyan, CFLS, Founding Partner, Antonyan Miranda, LLP

It was a pleasure to have Melanie as the keynote speaker at our District 5 Spring Conference.  She’s a true professional – very thorough, very organized and very easy to work with.  Her presentation is to the point, witty and inspirational.

May-Chen Martin-Kuo, District Director, District 5 Toastmasters International

Melanie has spoken for the National Capital Area Paralegal Association three times now including as the keynote speaker for our educational conference and we’ll keep asking her back as our members request her and she does an excellent job. Her presentations are insightful, interactive, and thought-provoking. Her personality makes it easy to work with her and she builds connections with attendees with ease.

After hearing Melanie speak, she generated such a powerful jolt of energy through the audience that I coined a new term for the impact she had on us… I felt like we were “Klinghoffered”!!!

I enjoyed all of it! ABSOLUTELY a great training and tools and ABSOLUTELY would recommend having Melanie back for other training programs and to speak at other events within the organization!

Empowerment Program Attendee, California Highway Patrol

Thank you for sharing your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm at the leadership breakfast. Your words and voice created a wave of inspiration that touched every corner of the room. I believe the District will see tangible results directly related to your presentation.You are really making a difference in people’s life!


Carol Davis, ACS, ALB, Area Director

Melanie Klinghoffer is an extremely POWERFUL and inspirational speaker and leader. She has a wonderful gift. She empowered me to shine my light!


Emily Lincoln, Leadership Breakfast Attendee

I enjoyed the raw honesty of today’s training, at this level everything is always so sugar coated. I feel even more empowered as a leader.

Excellence in Leadership Program Attendee, Kaiser Permanente