Be Responsible For The Energy You Bring

Can you relate to the video above?

  • You walk into a room full of people and the energy is so positive you can’t help but get excited! You can just feel it… It’s contagious!
  • You walk into a room and the energy is so negative it feels like you’re suffocating and you can’t wait to leave.

Now ask yourself:

  • Am I taking responsibility for the energy I am bringing in the room?
  • As a leader (at work, in business, in the community, at home) am I taking responsibility for the energy I am bringing through my leadership?

When you take responsibility for bringing positive energy you light up the room.
When you don’t take responsibility you bring negative energy that casts a dark heavy shadow. Positive energy is contagious and shifts thoughts, attitudes and moods. In organizations, it is a retention tool that boosts morale, increases productivity and results in higher levels of performance and achievement. Successful people and organizations thrive in positive environments.

When you take responsibility for bringing positive energy through your leadership you are powerful.
When you are powerful you draw people in like a magnet because you are naturally attractive. Others want to engage with you and follow your lead because they are inspired. You communicate and sell your ideas with enthusiasm motivating people, teams, groups and organizations to buy-in to your leadership.

Here are 6 steps to become a positive energetic powerful leader:

  1. Permission. Have you ever noticed when you focus your energy on negative thinking such as fear, worry, or doubt it makes you feel powerless? When you focus your energy on positive thinking such as courage, confidence and success it makes you feel powerful? Give yourself permission to be powerful. Focus on the positive!
  2. Protect. Energy is a valuable personal resource that is easily depleted. Ask yourself “Does this person, activity, idea, or project lift me up or drain me?”  Say “yes” to what lifts you up and “no” to what drains you. Set firm healthy boundaries with people and release anything that no longer serves you.
  3. Passion. When you find what excites you in life and work you will pursue it relentlessly. Maybe it’s traveling, writing a book, taking Improv classes or something else that ignites you. “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey
  4. Purpose. Cultivating a deeper sense of purpose in life and having a greater impact through your work energizes and motivates you. It gives you what money can’t buy: more meaningful relationships, job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. To develop your leadership purpose, learn Simon Sinek’s “start with why” concept taught in his Ted Talk “How great leaders inspire action.”
  5. Perform: Take the lead in your life, work and business to reach your highest potential through dedicated action and peak performance. The sense of accomplishment along with the pleasure that comes from follow through drives continued success and serves as a powerful leadership model to others. <b>
  6. Play. Remember the boundless energy you had as a child? The unstructured free time that led to stress-free fun, creativity, expression of feelings, and unbridled joy? It’s time to play again! Dr. Stuart Brown, MD Founder of theNational Institute for Play compares play to oxygen. He says play is art, books, movies, music, comedy, flirting and daydreaming.

Want to be a powerful leader?